Are you being harrased by 866-614-7103?

First Bank may be calling from 866-614-7103.

We can stop the harassment!

  • Get up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls.
  • You won’t pay us penny for our services.
  • We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases.

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Also Seen As






866 614 7103


+1 (866) 614-7103

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Complaints & Comments

they keep calling my work phone.8666147103

I had a loan with Plain Green and set up payment arrangements; which I have kept. They constantly keep call me on my cell phone and work phone.

Plain Green LLC. Took out loan with the company in December for $1260.00. Attempted to call the company twice and sent an email which they claimed they never received to set-up payment arrangments to stop ACH drafts from my bank. They sent me an email on Friday, with payment arrangments and where to send payment to. But they will not stop contacting me via cell phone or my job. They call and hang up. Called ID shows 866-614-7103. I want to clear debt up, but how do I get them to stop calling me every day? Again, I'm obligated to pay the debt, but cannot handle the calls all day every day when arrangements have been made!

This number (1-866-614-7103) calls my place of employment several times/day and will not stop.

won't stop calling

This number keeps calling me I just need him to stop. I looked up the number and saw all that it was a harassing number and then your website popped up. Said you can help me and possibly get some money out of it!

keeps calling me and my job. my job told them already to stop calling me and they keep bothering me at my job. i can get fired from this.

Calls all day

Calling me on my job.

This number keeps calling my employment and I can get fired for this harassment. I need you to stop calling my job. I spoke to someone on your live chat and Ashely ended the chat after stating the calls need to stop. There was no solution mentioned.

I also have used a debt consolidation company yet I am continually harassed by this number ‭+1 (866) 614-7103‬ and multiple unknown number calls throughout the day.

I filed bankruptcy and they still call me. Get em!

Please stop the calls.

Concerning 866 number that keeps calling me!

I am receiving calls several times a day from 866-614-7103. My supervisor and myself have asked them to not call my place of employment, yet they still call. I have already been warned verbally by my place of employment about these calls. They are rude when they call and hang up in whoever answers the phone face if they say something they do not like!

constantly calling my cell phone when I have told them over and over that I am working thru a debt consolidation company to give them their money???? Finally this last time I told them wrong number!!!!

They call 3 times a day!

They keep calling trying to collect a debt.

866-614-7103 calling non-stop and also calling my work phone. Very annoying and embarrassing to have telemarketers call my work phone.

I have received several calls today alone from 866-614-7103. This number is calling back to back on my cell phone and interrupting my work meetings by constantly calling my work line (763-957-6315) while I'm attempting to conduct virtual meetings and virtual training sessions with managers, customers and team members scattered throughout the US. They are not leaving messages nor are they asking for anyone in particular when they call. When I did answer there is an unintelligible male voice with interruptions in the communication and then a dead line!

Receiving multiple calls from 866-614-7103