Are you being harrased by 866-928-0183?

Direct TV may be calling from 866-928-0183.

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Also Seen As






866 928 0183


+1 (866) 928-0183

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Complaints & Comments

I got a call today at 12:34 pm from 866-9280183 telling that I had the premium channels from Directv for the rest of the year!

I received two calls today and one yesterday.

I have received 7 calls from them today alone.

Received 2 calls this AM. My account with Direct TV is current and this is bothersome.

I get called 2 to 3 times a day no one says anything and hangs up. When i call back it automatically hangs up.

This number is harassing me.

Directv constantly calls me from different phone numbers. I also constantly receive auto calls from their general cx service # 8005315000. I have asked multiple times that they do not contact me for any reason. Calls still come through. I block the number and a new number calls me!

Directv calls me offers channels for free trial and doesn’t provide them. I call back and only reach a voicemail. I called Directv at another customer service number and ask them not to call because they are wasting my time with the unfulfilled promotions some agents agree while others state they have no record of call

Im sick of getting these calls

They've called my cell phone the last two Sundays!

today is 7/17/2018 I received 2 calls from this number 866-928-0183 saying they are from Direct TV!! when I called back it goes straight to voice mail!! I also called Direct TV my self to inform them that I'm getting calls from that number. Direct TV is already filing a complaint against this number 866-928-0183...

Called twice in the last 24 hours, ledt no message, account is not overdue.