Are you being harrased by 855-777-1978?

Curacao may be calling from 855-777-1978.

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Also Seen As






855 777 1978


+1 (855) 777-1978

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Complaints & Comments

Keep getting calls and voicemails from 8557771978. Voicemails ask to call back 8557771978x448!

Debt collector continues to call (at all times), leave messages with us and relatives over a debt that is not in default and below $100.00. We've explained this to them and they continue to call incessantly on personal numbers, work numbers, and relative numbers.

I have been called several times from number 8557771978 regarding payment telling me that I need to pay but when I tell them if I do will it be removed from collections they won't answer!

I had an account with Curacao had a personal problem and asked them to wait for me. My balanced was like 250 but stopped paying like 3 or 4 months ago. Well that they have been contacting people I didn’t not add on my references and are harrasing me. I will be able to pay them in two weeks but I just got over emotional problems. And they are revealing personal information of mine!

I want to make a complain about this number. They keep calling me saying they want information about Jessica Flores. I have told them multiple times that I don't talk to this person to take my number off their list but they are still calling. This has been going on for a couple months already.

They call my friends from high school and I haven’t talk to her since 12 years ago.

I have a debt of 505$ 855-777-1978 Is trying to say I owe 1000 doubling what I owe saying they are adding Interst but I read debt collectors cannot add onto what you owe them!

This number is calling all of my references saying that they are from ICE - Immigration, and have some important documents to give me, these supposed documents are titled #1498 & #1077. This woman said her name was Veronica Montoya and that she was a lawyer, was extremely rude and dismissive. She asked for personal information and scared my relatives thinking something was very wrong. I understand they’re attempting to collect a debt but impersonating a lawyer and messing with someone’s legal status is definitely not okay.

I am getting phone calls two or three times a day. They don't identify themselves they just say it is a delicate matter

This number keeps calling me as restricted number. Monday-Sunday all kinds of hours I finally answered they gave me this number 1-855-777-1978 Ext 423. Very rude and asking for personal information.